I’ve had an exciting year with sales to Entangled Publishing as well as a trilogy to Gemma Halliday Publishing. I’m thrilled that my self-published novel, Accused, will be out later this year.



The Shaw Family Trilogy

After being orphaned in their homeland of Serbia, it was all about survival for Sabrina Shaw and her brothers Max and Jake. While her brothers worked to keep them safe and fed on a daily basis, by the time she was eight she could pick a pocket with the expertise of a veteran. When they accepted the hospitality of Goren Petrovich, they had no idea in return for being fed, clothed and safe at night, they’d become trained assassins under his tutelage.

While being schooled in everything from Beowulf to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, they likewise gained expertise in everything from knife throwing to explosive devices to Krav Maga. For several years they did what was expected of them until the day when everything went horribly wrong and Max nearly died.

With a stockpile of blackmail as a back-up in case of retribution from Petrovich, the Shaw siblings left for the US with a chance to start over. Sabrina and Jake decide to work for a top secret organization called The Alliance with the hope of using their skills for good this time around. As for Max, he tries to get rid of the demons in the only way he can until he has no choice but confront his past head on.

Check out the first book in the The Shaw Family Trilogy, Hard to Kill out in 2014.